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Name:The Walking Dead Kinkmeme v2.0
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Kinkmeme for The Walking Dead, allowing anonymous prompts and fill / fanfiction

Quick rules before y'all get to prompting:

  1. Please include a subject line detailing the pairing and kinks that will appear in your prompt or fill.
    Feel free to be as filthy as you want to ! This is a kinkmeme, not :)

  2. Any prompts that include wording like "This meme needs more (fill in whatever your preferred kink or pairing is)..." will be deleted; your wants are not all of our needs. All kinks and pairings should feel equally welcome, and everyone is entitled to their preference, however rare or common.

  3. If you don't like a kink, don't read it! Kink bashing or shaming will not be tolerated. Concrit on fics is fine, but anything trollish will be promptly deleted / banned.

  4. Please try to avoid repeat prompts. Prompts being posted again and again every round will be deleted. This is a kinkmeme - not a crackmeme; this is not the place to post a request for a G-rated Spongebob crossover with The Walking Dead.

  5. Fills created for this meme may be archived. We are picking up where the previous meme was abandoned (we're sure the mod had good reasons) - we are not the mods of the previous meme, and have no control over the kinkmeme on LJ - simply progeny. We love the meme and don't want to see it die.

- and most of all HAVE FUN!

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